We offer you totally personalized private Spanish lessons in Guadix (Granada):
  • Length & schedule: Choose how many days/lessons you want to take, as well as your preferred time of learning.
  • Lesson plans: Work at your own pace, focus on your interests. Our lesson plans are tailor-made to meet your needs. 
  • Real life practise: Taste the Spanish life while practicing Spanish. Eat, cook, go shopping, run errands... with your teacher. 
  • Extra activities: Have fun while learning the language with leisure activities. From skiing to making pottery, activities for every taste.


Our prices are per hour, so you can easily plan your lessons whether you come alone or with someone else.
  • € 22.- per hour (price for 1 and 2 students)
  • € 8.- per hour for each extra person. 
  • For every 10 hours you book, you get a free lesson hour.
  • There is no minimum/maximum requirement.Take as many lessons as you need.

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